Technical Supervision - Civilco

A professional organization with 50 years of continuous activity, dedicated exclusively to construction. Founded in Cartagena de Indias, Tourist and Cultural District, in 1950, with architect Rafael Cepeda Torres, engineer José Antonio Covo Tono, and architect Fulgencio Lequerica Martínez as main partners. In 1964 the company was legally renewed with some changes in the board of partners. Thus, the company remained under the direction of Architect Rafael Cepeda Torres as manager and legal representative for more than 30 years. Currently the management and legal representation is exercised by the architect Rafael Cepeda Faciolince and the civil engineer Alberto Cepeda Faciolince.

For the development of its works, CIVILCO currently has a select group of professionals, technicians and administrative staff who are joined by professionals from different disciplines as partners.